esmé is an exotic bag label specialising in unique designs where leather and textile unite. Created by mother-daughter team Nayla Matta and Michelle Crocker, esmé represents a limited-edition textile collection spanning more than thirty years, several continents and every corner of the world.  

Nayla and the Crocker family spent decades living and travelling abroad in the likes of Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Peru, Kenya, Guatemala, Madagascar, Syria, Japan, Somalia and Pakistan. esmé designs are influenced by this international lifestyle and the exposure to varied craftsmanship, design and materials, whether in tribal communities or larger fashion houses. Featuring unique fabrics acquired by the Crocker family from artisans around the world, esmé products are handcrafted in Lebanon in small runs making each bag unique and sometimes one of a kind.  

esmé is for the modern woman with a difference, adventurous at heart and into the trends yet seeking the intrinsic pleasure of wearing something unique that she can treasure.

esmé means “my name” in Arabic. It symbolises what our bags are designed to be – a tribute to the unique locations of the textiles we use and the women we design for.